Code and Content Optimization

Regular code and content updates and improvements will let your website gain success faster. It is not only about refreshing the information or adding new scripts. It is also about SEO optimization. The more often you work with the content updates, the more often search crawlers will find something useful under the hood.

Each page must have a knit look and purposes that are easy to define for search robots. Cleaning up the mass may appear to be a tough challenge especially for non-technicians. This is where Digital Marketing Аgency  specialists may help with code and content optimization.

Types of Optimizations Services We Provide

Our agency provides full-scale optimization services that range for basic text formattings like alt-image tags, H1-H4 headlines, snippets, and more to code fixing and debugging.

The optimization process consists of:

  • Total Website Audit – we examine the existing code and content to define their weak sides.
  • Keyword Analysis and Research – our experts generate the list of relevant key phrases and improve the situation with already existing keywords in your texts.
  • Content Gap Analysis – it includes specific search queries that your website fails to fulfill for any reason.
  • Content Expansion and Update – you might think you have the best and most relevant content, But trust us! There is so much we can do to take the fullest from existing pages and improve their organic search.

Our dedicated programmers and developers will review the website code as well as widgets, scripts, add-ons or third-party integrations that may counteract with the effective SEO strategy. As a result, you get a clear, fast-loading and easy-to-use website that will certainly be appreciated by both search robots and users.